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California DMV Permit Test (CA) Cheat Sheet 2015

Looking for California permit test study guides and cannot decide which one you should use?  Stop right here!  You have found everything you need to pass your DMV written test the first time and this free California DMV cheat sheet 2015 is a great way to start! With questions that are highly similar or identical to the real knowledge test, you really can't go wrong!  Over 500 permit test questions on CA road signs and road rules, immediate scoring and integrated study aids - it doesn't get better than this!

Looking for instructions on how to cheat on the DMV written test?  You can walk right past this California DMV cheat sheet, as you will not find those instructions here.  We do not offer you to cheat on the knowledge exam, like some pages you might have seen previously.  "Download FREE California DMV cheat sheets", "Pass the first time or get your money back", "No need to study!" - you have probably seen these ads before.  The problem with this approach is that when you are trying to cheat the DMV, the only person you end up cheating is yourself.  First of, the chances of you successfully copying a bunch of permit test questions and answers off your smartphone or some print out while standing at the DMV counter is close to none.  The DMV clerks will be watching you taking the exam and if you are observed using any outside study materials, your DMV permit test is failed and you are expelled from the office.  That's right, the California DMV permit test is not an open-book exam!  Second, think about the reason why you are taking the DMV written test in the first place.  You are taking to obtain a learners permit and once you get that permit, you will begin driving.  Operating a 4,000 pound piece of metal at the speed of 70mph without knowing the driving rules... Well, you are just being a hazard to yourself and other drivers you will be sharing the road with! 

Besides, preparing for the 2015 permit test doesn't take half as much time as you think. Seriously, it doesn't, provided you have the right study materials, such as this free California DMV cheat sheet.  The cheat sheet we have designed for you is a massive practice permit test that is connected to the knowledge base of over 500 CA permit test questions and answers that cover a broad range of road signs and traffic rules.  Some of the questions in the knowledge base come straight from the real DMV permit test and are submitted to us by other users, some are developed in house and are based on the official California DMV permit test study guide. These questions were molded together in the format used by the DMV to assess your knowledge during the real exam - 46 multiple choice questions, no less than 39 correct answers! What is different, though, is the fact that while you cannot cheat on the real permit test, you are more than welcome to do so while working on this free California DMV cheat sheet!  In fact, we have even made it easier by integrating a number of study aids into the system, the study aids you can use whenever you find yourself stuck.  Don't hesitate to use them whenever you cannot answer a question.  When you find yourself at a point when the DMV permit test cheat sheet is just too easy for you, switch to the permit test Simulator, it follows the same format, but restricts your access to cheats and study aids!

Remember - practice makes perfect!  Keep practicing, keep working on this free California DMV cheat sheet 2015 and the DMV will be hard-pressed to come up with a question you won't be able to answer!  Good luck!