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Alabama Drivers Ed - Alabama Drivers Education

Alabama Drivers Ed

Just like many other states who embraced the GDL program, teenage learners permit applicants are required to complete the Alabama drivers education class. The drivers ed class is designed to ensure that teenagers are fully prepared before they hit the roads.

Who Should Take Drivers Ed

The state requires you to take a drivers education class or at least 30 hours of supervised driving if you are under 18 years of age and you would like to apply for the Alabama drivers license. Although drivers who are over 18 do not need to take a drivers education class, they are still advised to do so for the sake of the traffic safety.

Drivers Ed Locations

The drivers education classes are offered in most of the high schools and you can elect to take the class while doing your regular schooling. Most of these classes will also provide you with the driving lessons with a professional instructor.

If you high school does not offer driver ed or you are simply not in high school anymore, visit a local driving school to check if you can sign up for the driving lessons through them.

Drivers License Test

Since all learners permit and drivers license applicants are required to take a permit test at the DPS, taking a driver ed class is a good idea because it is the best way to prepare for your exam. The drivers education class will teach you everything you need to know on road signs, driving rules and traffic safety.

If you don’t want to take an Alabama drivers ed program, you may choose to prepare for the test by reading the Alabama drivers handbook that is distributed by the DPS free of charge. You can also polish your newly acquired skills with some Alabama DPS permit practice tests.