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Would You Pass The Test?

Would You Pass The Test?

According to the annual drivers test which is run by GMAC insurance, 41 million American drivers would fail their written license exam if tested now.

Idaho and Wisconsin drivers were found to be most knowledgeable, with New York and New Jersey drivers completing the list at the bottom. Texas drivers showed average results and scored to the mid-list positions, #24.

According to the GMAC, the test scores are falling down every year, since the company started testing drivers 5 years ago. The test encompasses the driving regulations, road signs and safe driving techniques and is intended to be very similar to the actual DMV permit test.

The statistics gained from GMAC testing show that we may want to think about having all drivers retest for their license every couple of years. The government spends a lot of money on the graduate drivers license programs for teens, however, teens is not our only worry when we get on the road. Constantly retesting for the drivers license should ensure that even experienced drivers revisit the drivers handbook once in a while to brush up on the traffic regulations.