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West Virginia Road Signs Permit Practice Test (WV) 2015

Do not make the mistake of leaving West Virginia road signs out of your permit test study sessions - signs are extremely important and contribute a large number of questions to your DMV exam score!  The good news is that road signs are relatively easy to learn and you can start right now, with this free West Virginia road signs practice test (WV) 2015!  Twenty permit test questions on WV road sings to get you going and help you obtain a learners permit this year!  Don't delay any longer, start working on the practice permit test right now!

Did you know that WV road signs is one of the most ignored and, at the same time, the most important subject on the DMV written test?   Your drivers permit test paper can contain up to 8 questions that deal with traffic signs, it is literally the topic that can make or break the exam, yet even those students who choose to actively prepare for the test often leave road signs out of their study sessions.  Traffic signs are extremely easy to ignore, we are so used to seeing them in out everyday lives that we grow comfortable in the belief that we absolutely everything there is to know about them!  A belief that could not be further away from the truth, something we realize too late, when we find ourselves in front of the DMV computer.   The West Virginia DMV is extremely serious about road signs and WV permit test questions will require you to demonstrate the level of proficiency that goes well beyond what's universally accepted as "common knowledge".  Identifying road signs by shape, knowing what different colors of traffic signs mean, how to prioritize between different groups of road signs - these are just some of the things you will need to be able to do, aside from being able to identify any of the WV road signs on sight.  Do not leave this to chance, prepare for your exam with the help of this 2015 WV road signs practice permit test!

This exam has 20 learners permit practice test WV questions and is structured very similarly to other regular practice tests on the website, the only exception being the fact that this exam covers road signs and nothing but West Virginia road signs.  Every question presents you with four choices, only one of these answers is correct and you will know whether you have answered a question correctly immediately after indicating your choice - the exam is graded on the fly, there is no need to complete the entire test just to find out what you've missed!  Feeling discouraged by the fact that you did not score quite as high as you have expected?  Don't be!  Treat mistakes as new opportunities to learn, they help you identify permit test questions you are struggling with so you can cover them before you visit the DMV!  There is nothing wrong with missing couple of questions and the system will help you learn from these mistakes!  Whenever an error occurs, your 2015 WV road sign permit practice test is placed on hold and the correct answer is displayed to you, along with a detailed description for the road sign in the question.  Take a moment to read through the description and don't rush with advancing to the next question - the practice test is not timed, take as long as you need to make sure you understand and remember the answer!

Here is another bit that is a little different from a regular practice permit test and that is interpreting your grades for this 2015 WV road signs practice test.  You may remember that we usually recommend that you work on an exam until you are able to answer 18 questions correctly, and then move on to the next quiz.  Well, it's different for this practice permit test!  Due to the fact that road signs are so important, we suggest that you do not stop working on the test until you are able to answer all of the questions listed here correctly!  Seriously, go for the perfect score and don't think it's an overkill - you cannot miss more than 6 questions on the real permit test, why not create a safety cushion for yourself and make sure that you can answers all of the "easy" road sign questions correctly?  This gives you a greater margin for errors and you don't have to stress out over the rules everyone finds difficult, such as traffic penalties, speed limits or child seat belt restrictions!  Nail this free West Virginia road signs permit practice test (WV) 2015 and give yourself a better chance of passing the real exam!