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West Virginia Road Signs DMV Practice Test (WV) 2015

Find out if you are missing anything important before you find yourself in front of the DMV computer - test your grasp of West Virginia road signs with the help of the most comprehensive permit practice test out there!  Over 100 sample questions on traffic signs, broken into convenient express 20-question quizzes; based on the real permit test and the 2015 WV learners permit study guide; immediate grading to help you learn on the go - this free West Virginia road signs DMV practice test (WV) 2015 has everything you need to pass the learners permit test the first time you take it!  Start working on the exam right now!

Leave no stone unturned - out motto when it comes to studying road signs for the West Virginia drivers permit test and this free DMV practice test will help you do just that!  Designed as a self-assessment tool, this DMV practice permit test lacks some of the features you might have gotten used to while working on regular practice tests, integrated study aids being a good example of such feature that was excluded from the exam.  The reason behind the decision not to include study aids into this quiz is extremely simple - what kind of an evaluation would this be if you could request for assistance while being evaluated, what good would the results for the test do?  Study aids is a great feature that helps you learn at a faster pace and they are a great supplement for a regular practice permit test, but when you are after gauging your current skill, you definitely need something different and this is exactly what this free WV DMV practice test delivers!

This free WV road signs practice test features 20 multiple choice questions every time you load the exam, but they won't be the same questions each and every time.  Unlike a regular practice test that has to make do with predefined list of questions, this exam works in a completely different manner.  The quiz is connected to the knowledge base of over 100 WV permit test questions on road signs and it draws 20 new random questions from this question bank every time you begin the test.  On top of this, the order of questions is always randomized, so we can guarantee that the chances of you having to take the same practice test twice are close to nil. 

The exam is graded on the fly, so you are aware of your current progress throughout the entire test.  Just like with a regular permit practice test, the system will always highlight any error you make and provide you with the correct answer to the question, along with an explanation for that answer.  Take a moment to read these explanations, the DMV practice test is not timed and no one is rushing you - you have all the time in the world to work on the exam.  Once you complete the entire test, you will be able to review the questions you have missed once again and you will see your overall grade for this test.  For most of our practice tests, we recommend that you don't settle for any score that is less than 90%, but do try and aim for the perfect grade when it comes to any quiz that deals with road signs, including this West Virginia DMV practice permit test!  The reason why we recommend that you aim so high with practice tests on road signs is because they make up a very large portion of the real DMV exam and it's  a great opportunity for you to earn a lot of points towards your learners permit by answering all of these relatively easy permit test questions correctly, why ignore a gift that literally falls into your lap?

Looking for printable WV road sign study sheets?  Check out of the official drivers manual, the book you may know by the name of the WV learners permit test study guide!  The book has a list of all traffic signs you need to learn for your 2015 drivers permit test, along with their pictures.  You can easily make these pages into study sheets, just download a pdf file with the book to your computer and print out all of the corresponding pages!  Be sure to cover those study sheets while you're working on this free West Virginia road signs DMV practice test (WV) 2015 though, or you will end up with results that won't reflect your current abilities!  The only person you end up fooling here is yourself, do follow the rules and good luck at the DMV!