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West Virginia DMV Practice Test (WV) 2015

Stop delaying and start studying for the learners permit test right now!  Procrastination is the bane of all permit applicants, this free West Virginia DMV practice test (WV) 2015 can help you find the motivation you need to prepare for the exam and pass the test on your first visit to the local DMV office!  Twenty questions that cover all of the important driving rules and road signs, immediate grading so you can learn as you go and fun study aids to help you learn even faster - this DMV learners practice test is the magic key you needed!

The DMV written test is one of the most underestimated exams out there and failure rates speak for themselves - more than a half of all students who take the exam fail it the first time.  Just take a moment to think about this number.  Is there any other exam that produces the same kind of meager results?  We really doubt that.  These stats are freely available and the DMV keeps on urging everyone to study for the exam, yet the majority of those taking the DMV permit test for the first time in their lives choose to go in without reading the drivers handbook or taking a single free WV permit practice test and they can come up with hundreds of excuses to justify that.  Lack of time, the apparent ease of the exam and frustration caused by the overwhelming amount of traffic laws listed in the drivers manual top the list of justifications people find for their lack of preparation.  Are these actually grounded on something?  Let's find out!

Lack of free time - the leader of all excuses.  It is easy for anyone to use this excuse, as it is actually partially true - most of us really don't have much free time nowadays and when we do have a moment to spare, studying for the West Virginia learners permit test is really the last thing on our minds and we definitely don't want to spend hours stuck in front of the computer screen.  The good news is that you really don't have to spend hours trying to memorize every driving rule listed in the WV learners permit study guide, there are better ways to study!  For example, completing this 2015 WV DMV permit practice test takes less than five minutes! You could say that five minutes is nothing - and you would be right and wrong at the same time!  Spending five minutes on a DMV practice test is really a small amount of time when you compare it to a drivers ed lesson that can last up to two hours, but this is a good thing.  Being able to take a practice permit test so quickly means you can take it anywhere - on the bus to school, during your lunch break and even as you're standing in that WV DMV line.  Seriously, anywhere, whenever you have a moment to spare.  Over time, these small study sessions will add up and you will seamlessly learn everything you need to know for your WV learners permit test.  The trick is to start early (we recommend at least 2-3 weeks before your DMV appointment) and repeat the test frequently!

Finding it hard to get started because there is just too much stuff in the drivers permit manual? Here is some good news again - this practice test has only 20 multiple choice questions, it covers only 20 driving rules or road signs.  You can forget about everything else for now - just concentrate on answering these 20 questions correctly.  Once you master them, you can move on to the next DMV practice test you see in the lineup and repeat the process again.  Breaking the job into smaller, manageable pieces is a great technique that allows you to tackle any task, without feeling overwhelmed or resentful.  It works like a charm every time, give it a chance if you have not tried it before and you will see how it is.  After all, this free WV DMV practice learners permit only takes five minutes, sure you can afford to spare that much time on learning a new skill!

As to the apparent ease of the 2015 West Virginia drivers permit test, let us disillusion you right now - the test is anything but easy and is quite far from what most of us consider to be "common knowledge".  Don't let sample questions this free West Virginia DMV practice test fool you - try your wits against the learners permit test Simulator and see how you cope against it!  Can't hit the 90% mark consistently? Then you better buckle up and start working on your driving chops with the help of these sample quizzes!

Remember, passing the learners permit test can be easy, but you have to study to make it so.  Let this free West Virginia DMV practice test (WV) 2015 help you pass the knowledge test the first time you take it, prepare for the exam and pass with flying colors!