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West Virginia Practice Permit Test (WV) 2015

Your weapon against procrastination!  This free West Virginia practice permit test (WV) 2015 is just the thing you need to stop delaying and get into your learning groove!   Twenty simple questions for the WV learners permit test that cover road signs and traffic rules and can be completed in less than five minutes!  No more excuses! Do not postpone it until later, do not bookmark this page and promise yourself to come back to it later - take the first step towards your drivers license and complete this practice permit test right now!

What is this practice permit test WV quiz is about?  It's about helping you beat procrastination and getting you started on studying for your DMV exam as soon as possible!  Making that first step is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do and we are here to help you make it a little easier!  Forget about extensive practice permit tests that claims to have hundreds of WV permit test answers - you don't need them right now and they are very unlikely to do you any good - just concentrate on these 20 easy questions for now and then work your way up to more complex problems!  Start small and grow big, that's the best way to go!  A quick note to those who consider themselves to be more of an upper-level scholar - the fact that this free WV practice permit test was primarily designed for beginners does not mean that you should ignore it, go ahead and take the sample quiz anyway!  There is always something new to learn and if you find these learners permit test questions too easy, simply move on to the next practice test you see on the site, all exams are arranged in the order of rising difficulty!

There are 20 sample questions on the exam, all of them multiple choice with four answers provided for every question.  This is pretty standard for practice permit tests, the real exam follows a similar format (if you don't know how many questions are on the 2015 WV learners permit test - it's 25) and consists of multiple choice and true or false questions.  A piece of advice that can save you a lot of headache down the line - while you're exercising with this West Virginia practice permit test, get into the habit of taking your time to work through every question and read all of the provided choices before picking the right answer.  Most of the first-time learners permit applicants push through the exam as if they are in the hurry to be somewhere else.  The reason why you should not do this is because the real test is filled with questions that contain two or more answers that look similar at first glance.  Determining which one of these answers is correct requires attention and focus, things many people lack when they are trying to get the whole experience over with as quickly as possible.  Seriously, don't worry about the time (especially when you are working on this free West Virginia practice permit test, since it is not timed), read and consider all of the provided answers before you indicate your choice!  And when it comes to this online practice permit test, you will know whether you have answered a question correctly the instant you click on one of the answers - the exam is graded on the fly!  Whenever you make a mistake, the system pauses your practice permit test, highlights your answer in red and displays the correct answer for you, along with a comprehensive explanation for that answer.  Take a moment to read these explanations, as they can save you time on having to research these sample questions in your WV learners permit study guide and don't worry about the mistakes you've made - they are part of the learning process and will help you identify any lapses in your education!

We advise that you continue working on this free practice permit test WV quiz until you are able to answer no less than 18 sample questions correctly every time you take it, without having to use any study aids in the process, then upgrade to the next sample quiz you see on the site.  Learners permit practice tests will get progressively harder as you keep working through the line up and your skill will grow accordingly.  By the way, don't forget to check out the official drivers handbook if you have not done so yet - the book really is the best WV learners permit guide you will ever be able to find, and it's free too, so do not ignore it!

We hope you'll enjoy this free West Virginia practice permit test (WV) 2015 and wish you all the best at the DMV office!  Don't hesitate to comment if you have a question about the exam!