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Vermont Road Signs Practice Test (VT) 2015

Don't make the mistake of ignoring Vermont road signs, a mistake that can easily cost you a failed DMV permit test!  Road signs are not that hard to learn and they provide you with an awesome opportunity to score some easy points on the knowledge test, don't waste it!  Start studying today, by learning 20 essential traffic signs with the help of this free Vermont road signs practice test (VT) 2015!  Multiple choice questions based on the DMV test and the permit book, great images of road signs, immediate grading for fast learning and the best thing of all - the practice permit test takes less than 5 minutes to complete!  Take it for a spin right now!

We know how hard it may be to treat road sings with due seriousness - we mean, who doesn't know road signs?  We see them every day, we know that we must stop when we see a stop sign and we must give up the right-of-way when we see a yield sign, what else is there to learn?   Quite a bit, actually, as it turns out.  Road signs is one of the most underestimated subjects on the 2015 Vermont permit test and they can easily mean the difference between passing and failing the exam!  Yes, that's right, the signs we all know or, to be more precise, the signs we believe we know.  The truth is that the level of expertise on road signs demonstrated by most of the first-time drivers license applicants does not live up to the DMV standards.  Most of the VT permit test questions that deal with road signs deal with concepts that exceed what is usually referred to as "common knowledge" and thus the only way to be able to answer these questions is to actually invest some time into studying the subjects.  Identifying road signs by shape and color is a great example of the skill most of first-time test takers don't have when they find themselves in front of the DMV computer.  It may seem like a silly thing to know now that you're scrolling through DMV permit test questions on your iPhone, but when you're driving through heavy rain or fog, these skills may literally mean the difference between life and death.  If this does not motivate you to study them, then just think about the fact that virtually every Vermont learners permit test paper will have at least one question that covers these skills, maybe this could be an opportunity to score an easy point!

While we've got over 100 sample permit test questions that cover road signs, we have selected just 20 of them for this road signs practice test.  These are the essentials, something to get you up and moving in the right direction.  All questions are multiple choice and most of them are accompanied by an image that corresponds to the sign covered by that question.  Some of the questions will only present you with a textual description of a sign without showing any images - this is how it's going to be at the DMV, so you better start getting used to it right now.  Just like every other DMV practice test on the website, your Vermont road signs practice test is graded on the fly and you always know whether you have answered a question correctly the moment you indicate your choice.  We believe this is the most efficient way to learn - immediate feedback throughout the entire practice test helps you anchor those answers deep into your mind so you will not have to repeat the exam hundreds of times.  Don't worry about writing these answers down as you go along - you will get yet another chance to review the questions you've missed when you finish the whole test.

Looking for some extra study materials to supplement this 2015 Vermont road signs practice test with?  We recommend that you get yourself a set of road sign study sheets, or road signs cheat sheets, as some of you may call them.  A typical road signs cheat sheet for Vermont will have a list of road signs for the permit test, along with their images and brief descriptions.  You post these study sheets next to your computer screen and don't take them down until you successfully pass the knowledge test.  There are plenty of options available online and you can choose between using some of the free road sign study sheet or their commercial counterparts offered by professional driving school.  If you are not ready to cough up a $5-$10 for a set of study sheets, check out the 2015 Vermont permit book, it has a list of road signs you could print and study.  The book can be downloaded as a PDF file at the DMV website and while many of the images there are not of the topmost quality, they will do quite well and will still prepare you for the exam!

Keep working on this free Vermont road signs practice test 2015 and don't forget to check out other quizzes we have prepared for you!