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Vermont DMV Permit Practice Test (VT) 2015

The permit test is right around the corner and you simply cannot make yourself start studying?  We know the feeling, we've been there ourselves!  Fortunately, there are easy ways to beat procrastination, prepare for the knowledge test and arrive at the DMV office in style!  This free Vermont DMV practice permit test (VT) 2015 will help you get your brain into the forward gear and start studying for the exam right now, with twenty multiple choice questions that take less than 5 minutes to complete!  Five minutes of your time, this is all we're asking!  Don't bookmark the site, don't save the link anywhere - just drop whatever you're doing right now and take complete the DMV practice test once!

Need a little extra motivation to start studying for the 2015 Vermont DMV permit test? Think about this for a second - more than 50% of first time drivers license applicants fail the written knowledge test the first time they take it.  That's more than a half!  This is huge and these stats don't make any distinctions between people who did study and those who went into the office trying to wing the test, meaning that failure rates among the latter group are even worse!  We estimate that only one in ten students who go into the office without taking a single Vermont DMV practice test or opening the drivers manual once are able to pass the exam, do you really want to be playing against these odds?  Besides, we can help you remove most of the limiting factors that have prevented you from studying for your permit test in the past, in fact, this free DMV practice test can take care of most of them right away!  Let's look at some of the most common reasons why individuals may feel reluctant to study for the DMV written test and how this VT practice permit test can help you!

Not having time to study is by far the most common excuse people use to justify their lack of preparation.  There is some truth to that - most of us have busy schedules and trying to fit lengthy permit test study sessions into those schedules can be quite a challenge.  However, this is where their mistake lies.  You don't need to spend hours in front of the computers to prepare for your learners permit test, this free Vermont DMV practice test is the living proof of that!  The practice test only takes 5 minutes to complete and you don't even have to have a computer to do that - sign into the DMV exam from your iPhone and take it with you anywhere you go!  This kind of mobility really helps, as you can study on the way to school, during your lunch break, while waiting for a TV commercial to end...  Seriously, just sign into the website and take this DMV Vermont permit practice test whenever you have a moment to spare! These short study sessions will add up over time and by the time your DMV appointment is up, you will be prepared to face everything the DMV can throw at you!  The trick is to start studying at least a few weeks in advance and get used to the routine of doing it every day!

Now that we've got the time issue sorted, let's help those who are feeling overwhelmed by the number of different rules they need to learn before they can visit the office!  It's quite common to be cowed by an undertaking so massive, but there is a cure to that too and that is to break this colossal amount of materials into smaller, manageable pieces!  Your 2015 Vermont DMV practice permit test does just that and this is the reason why it has only 20 questions!  We could easily post a quiz with 100 learner permit questions and answers for Vermont here, but would it do you any good?  We highly doubt that!  We believe in the theory of small steps - you break the journey into a series of baby steps and take one every day!  Persistence is what matters and you will get to your goal at the end of the day, as long as you keep following the road!  And by the way, this approach works with the drivers manual too!  Some students start reading the Vermont permit book and then drop it because they attempt to learn everything in there at once.  Break the book into chapters and read one chapter every day!  It will only take you 10-15 minutes a day and it won't be so daunting!

Have a question about this free Vermont DMV practice permit test (VT) 2015 or your real written test? Just drop it into the comment box and we'll be happy to answer it for you!  Enjoy the exam and good luck at your local DMV office!