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Vermont Drivers Permit Practice Test (VT) 2015

Stop making up excuses to justify your lack of preparation and start studying for your 2015 Vermont drivers permit test today, with the help of these awesome permit test questions & answers!  Multiple choice questions that are graded on the fly, great images to help you understand the rules better, unlimited number of chances to pass the exam and no time restrictions - this is what this free Vermont drivers permit practice test 2015 offers you right now!  We can take you from zero to hero in just under five minutes if you'll let us!  Take the test for a spin today!

We don't believe you can be overly prepared for the drivers permit test - there is simply no such thing!  You are either prepared or you're not and if it's the latter, you will have to keep going into the DMV office again and again until you finally realize that the only way to pass the exam is to invest a little time into studying road rules and traffic signs!  Despite the abundance of information about the Vermont DMV permit test online and availability of free permit test study tools, thousands of people choose to try and wing the DMV permit test every year.  Most of them fail miserably, but that doesn't stop the next generation of drivers license applicants from repeating the same mistake over and over again.  Don't want to waste time and money on having to visit the DMV office multiple times?  Prepare for the exam with the help of this free Vermont drivers permit practice test and beat everyone else to the prize!

True to the format you might have already gotten familiar with while working on other online practice tests on this website, your drivers practice quiz has 20 multiple choice questions and takes less than five minutes to be completed.  It's a fast an efficient way to learn that has been proven to work by thousands of students who have already completed the test!  Every question will present you with four answers, only one of those answers being correct.  You will know whether you have answered a questions correctly the moment you pick one of the provided options - your drivers ed practice test is graded on the fly and you don't have to finish the entire test just to find out where you have made a mistake.  Whenever you answer a question incorrectly, your VT drivers permit practice test will be placed on pause and the correct answer will be displayed so you can learn right there on the spot!  Hold on, it gets even better!  Not only will the quiz display the correct answer for any question you miss, but it will also come up with a detailed explanation for that answer!  These explanations are based on the 2015 Vermont drivers permit book, the same book the DMV permit test is based upon, and they will save you some time on having to research the rules yourself!

Found yourself stuck at a particularly difficult question?  Your 2015 Vermont drivers permit practice test offers a number of study aids that can help you dig your way out of virtually any trouble!  If you don't know the answer to a question, don't rush with choosing a random option - use integrated study aids instead!  You have a choice of requesting a hint (a small snippet of additional information about the driving rule in question) or simplifying the choice by hiding two incorrect answers from the screen!

As soon as you're done with all 20 drivers permit test questions, the exam will award you with a grade.  This grade serves as a good indicator of your current progress and can help you make decisions on your next steps. While you are free to follow any system you want while working on your VT driving practice test, we suggest that you do not quit until you are able to answer at least 90% of all questions correctly.  This grade is a little higher than the one you must achieve at the DMV, but a few extra moments you spend working on this practice exam will pay off tenfold!

Enjoy your free Vermont drivers practice test (VT) 2015 and don't forget to share the love, spread the word on Facebook and Twitter!  Thanks and good luck at the DMV!