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Vermont Road Signs Permit Practice Test (VT) 2015

Don't leave for the DMV office until you complete this free Vermont DMV practice permit test on road signs!  Over 100 questions with amazing images, split into convenient and easy-to-take 20-question exams that will help you determine if you are truly ready for the DMV challenge!  We know you're probably thinking that road signs don't matter, it's an easy subject and there's no point in doing any exams to prove yourself right - well, just flatter us and do take the practice quiz once. If you are able to nail this free Vermont road signs permit practice test 2015 the first time you take it and score 90% or higher - we take our hats off in front of you, you are the true master!  Didn't manage to score quite that high?  Time to hit the books right now!

Want to know what the single most important topic on the 2015 Vermont permit test really is?  No, it is not speed limits, parking on hills, DUI penalties or defensive driving.  If you were to single out a subject that contributes the most questions to the knowledge exam, the finding would surprise you quite a bit - road signs turn out to be the number one topic of the entire exam! At the same time, it is also the most ignored subject out there - most of the first-time drivers license applicants go into the office without taking a single road signs practice test!  The reason behind this oversight is very simple - we believe that we already know everything there is to know about road signs, so we choose to invest our time elsewhere, studying things we perceive as important or complex, child seat belt laws being a great example of such a subject.  However, most of us fail to recognize a very simple fact - while child seat laws are, without any doubt, an important subject, it won't contribute more than one or two questions to your 2015 VT permit test exam paper, while questions on road signs can make up a third of the entire test!  Just think about it, a third of your overall grade will depend on how well you know the signs, you would be a fool not to study a subject that important!  If this does not motivate you enough, just think about this as a great opportunity to score some easy points - signs are easy to learn and so you should do your best to cover as many of them as possible!

Couple of words on what this free VT road signs permit practice test is about and how you can benefit from taking it.  While most of the regular DMV practice tests you see on the website were designed to help you learn the rules of the road, this quiz is more of a self-evaluation tool, it's goal is to help you pinpoint any road signs you may have missed during previous study sessions and help you gauge your chances of doing well when you find yourself in front of the DMV computer.  Just like a regular practice permit test, the exam presents you with 20 multiple choice questions, but this is where it ends.  A regular practice test will show you the same set of 20 questions over and over again, no matter how many times you do the test.  Your 2015 Vermont road signs practice test, on the other hand, will change these questions and present you with a unique practice exam every time!  The exam is hooked up to a question bank with over 100 VT permit test questions on road signs and it will draw upon this knowledge base to provide you with a virtually limitless supply of road sign wisdom!  This approach also helps to avoid any bias and ensures that you are not tempted to concentrate on easy questions and convince yourself that you are doing better than you really are!  For the very same reason, we have removed all of the study aids from this sample exam and highly recommend that you refrain from using your Vermont permit test book while working on this test.  If you have a road signs cheat sheet posted next to the screen - cover it up or take it down for the duration of the test.

Good luck with your free Vermont road signs permit practice test (VT) 2015 and don't stop working on it until you are able to answer all of the sample permit test questions correctly!  It takes a while but it will really pay of in the end!