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Ohio Drivers Education

Those who are just thinking of applying for a drivers license are plagued with questions about Ohio drivers education classes. Do I need to take a Ohio drivers ed course if I am over 18 years of age? Do I take my Ohio driver's education program before I apply for a permit or a drivers license? How much does a regular drivers education program cost, is it cheaper to go for a Ohio parent taught drivers education course? Will my drivers ed class include a free Ohio permit practice test or to I need to look up some practice temps test questions on my own? Don't worry, we will answer all these questions for you so you can choose the best Ohio drivers education program there is and get your driver license in no time!

Drivers Ed Classes

Since the question "do I have to take an Ohio drivers ed class if I am 18 years old" pops up so frequently, let us put your mind at ease right away - you must attend a drivers education course that is approved by the Ohio Bureau of Education or by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles only if you are youger than 18. Everyone else can do the course for their own benefit, since it is a great way to prepare for the Ohio permit test, but the state does not force you to do so. You can usually find such courses at your local high school. If the drivers ed course is not provided by your high school you can take any approved Ohio drivers education course with a private driving school. You will be issued with a certificate of completion once you are done with your driver’s education.

One of the most recent development is that now teenagers and adult drivers can meet Ohio drivers education requirements online, without ever visiting a driving school! Previously, online drivers ed classes were not allowed in the state, but everything has changed in 2012! Despite a lot of controversy and resistance from regular driving schools, the state signed a bill that allows everyone to simply log into one of the approved Ohio driver's education online websites and take the course there! Of course, this does not eliminate the need for mandatory driving lessons, but it does make the job of managing your drivers ed lessons much easier!

Ohio Drivers Ed Curriculum

In the state of Ohio, any approved drivers education course consists of two parts: 24 hours of the classroom instruction and 8 hours of the behind the wheel training. The theory part of the Ohio driver’s ed course will be focused on the following components:

  • alcohol safety and drug abuse awareness
  • defensive driving
  • motorcycle awareness
  • organ and tissue donation

The driving portion of the Ohio drivers education class will include both in-car observation lessons and the actual behind the wheel driving lessons.

Of course, there is a question that worries many students “how much are Ohio drivers education classes”. No easy answer here. Depending on the program you choose, you are looking to spend anything from $100 to $500. Online drivers education classes are cheaper, an average online Ohio drivers ed class cost around $100, but then you still have to pay for driving lessons afterward. Shop around, make sure you get the best quote, but also consider the reputation of the school you are going to take lessons with, you don't want to be stuck with an instructor who can't teach.

Ohio GDL

Ohio graduated driver's license program helps new drivers to gain some driving experience in a low-risk environment before they are issued with a full drivers license and are let lose on public roads. The GDL program in Ohio consists of the following requirements:

  • A three-step licensing system (a minimum age of 15 and 1/2 for an Ohio temporary permit, 16 for a probationary license and 18 for an unrestricted license)
  • Learners permit holding period of at least 6 months
  • Minimum driving practice time (50 hours with parents including 10 hours of the nighttime driving)
  • Passenger restrictions (only 1 passenger allowed for drivers younger than age 17) (part of other Ohio permit restrictions)
  • Prohibition on unsupervised nighttime driving (between midnight and 6 am for 16 year old drivers and between 1 am and 5 am for 17 year old drivers)

Drivers Permit Exam

Although those permit applicants who are over 18 years of age are not required to take a drivers education program, it may still be a good idea to do so because the class will provide you with a sound knowledge of the Ohio driving rules and prepare you for your Ohio permit test. The knowledge test must be taken by every license application and Ohio drivers ed classes do a great job at preparing you for the exam.

If you’re still not convinced and do not want to take the course, but you still want to study for your permit test, grab yourself a copy of the Ohio drivers manual. The book contains detailed information on the state driving rules and, when supplemented with practice permit test Ohio sample questions, becomes an invaluable study guide. Mind you, these are not the only study questions that we have. Make sure to check out this Ohio driving practice test and the Ohio BMV practice test. Covering as many sample questions as possible now will save you a lot of headache at the BMV.

Drivers License Test

Once you turn 16 years of age you become eligible to take the Ohio driving test. Drivers under the age of 18 must present a certificate of completion certificate for an Ohio driver's education class that is authorized by parent. In addition, parents need to show proof that the student completed at least 50 hours of the driving practice including 10 hours of driving at night. Once you pass a driving skills exam you will be issued with the Ohio drivers license (for applicants under the age of 18 it will be a probationary license).