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Virginia Drivers Permit Practice Test (VA) 2015

If it's more permit test questions you want, it's more permit test questions you get!  Traffic signals and pavement markings, driving hand signals and using headlights, passing bicyclists and yielding the right of way - this free Virginia drivers permit practice test (VA) 2015 really has it all!  Oh, and road signs, how could we forget about awesome sample questions on Virginia road signs with great images! Preparing for the driving permit test has never been easier than now!

Before we get into covering the details of this drivers permit practice test, let's debunk a few myths about the real Virginia permit test, the one you will take at your local office. 

Myth 1: all of VA learners permit test questions are common sense.  They are not, don't even start entertaining that thought.  While some of the drivers permit test questions can be deduced, provided you have good understanding of the rules that govern the right-of-way, some of them are nothing but pure knowledge.  Speed limits and blood alcohol content are good examples of such questions. 

Myth 2: most people are able to wing the exam. Wrong.  Most of the students who go into the DMV to take the written test without preparing for it fail, you just don't hear people bragging about it much, no one likes admitting their mistakes, especially if they resulted from choices that were, let's be honest, somewhat shortsighted.  On the contrary, those few who have managed to pass the exam without studying, are very vocal about the fact, which may leave a wrong impression on you. 

Myth 3: the drivers handbook is useless, you can get by with studying free VA drivers permit practice tests.  This one is only partially incorrect.  You CAN pass the knowledge test at the DMV after studying our helpful DMV practice tests.  Having said that, we still recommend that you read the official drivers handbook before you start working on these sample permit test questions.  There is a reason why the book is referred to as the "Virginia DMV permit test study guide" - the entire drivers permit test is based on the information in that book and nothing but the information in the book. There is absolutely no reason why you would not maximize your chances of passing the exam the first time and not read the drivers handbook.  We know it's not the most exciting book in the world, we know that your friends believe that reading is for geeks, but do yourself a favor and work on the manual before you hit the DMV office, you'll thank us later!

Now that we've got these myths out of the way, let's look at the Virginia drivers permit practice test you have in front of you. The practice test contains 20 questions that cover a generous range of driving rules and road signs.  All questions are multiple choice and have three or four answers.  Only one answer is correct, even though some questions do make it seem as if more than one answer fits.  Don't fall for this trap and always go for the most detailed and thorough answer.  Don't stress too much if you happen to miss a question - this is  a practice test and you are here to learn, mistakes are part of that learning process.  Whenever you make a mistake, we will immediately alert you to the fact and display the right answer so you can learn it without having to finish the entire quiz.  Great news, but it gets even better!  This driving permit practice test will display a detailed explanation for every question you miss, helping you to memorize the answers faster!

Finished the entire practice permit test and not sure what to do next?  Your grades will guide you!  Work on this free VA drivers permit practice test until you can answer no less than 18 questions correctly every time you take the exam, without peeping in the drivers handbook or using integrated study aids!  Once this peak is conquered, simply switch to the next DMV practice test you see on the screen and repeat the process. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, a winning recipe for passing the driving permit test!

If you believe that this online Virginia drivers permit practice test (VA) 2015 can be improved - don't be shy about voicing your concerns with the help of the comment box above, we'd love to hear from you!