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Idaho Drivers License Practice Test (ID) 2015

Having trouble getting started on your drivers license test?  We know how hard it may be to take that first step, to stop procrastinating and start studying and we have the solution for you!  A free Idaho drivers license practice test 2015 with 20 easy questions anyone can do!  A sample quiz that is graded on the fly, provides you with immediate feedback throughout the entire exam and takes less than 5 minutes to be completed!  You won't believe how easy it is, just give it a try!  Remember - you've got nothing to lose there - the practice test is completely, 100% FREE!

A quick point to note  - while this driver's license practice test does target primarily beginners, it does not mean that someone who's a little more experience will not benefit from taking the exam. There is always something new to learn and you can find gold in unexpected places!  Go ahead and take the test once (remember, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete the exam!) and see if you can answer at least 18 of these drivers license test questions correctly.  Those who can - kudos, move on to the next quiz right away!  Didn't score quite as high as you have expected?  Don't worry, you can retake this Idaho drivers license practice test free of charge and improve your grades!  In fact, you can keep on repeating the quiz as many times as you need, there are no restrictions whatsoever!  Use this opportunity and try to cover as many sample written test questions as you can before you visit your local DMV office!

Your 2015 Idaho practice driving test contains 20 multiple choice questions that cover the entire span of driving rules and road signs.  The test is well-balanced and it does not favor any topic over other important subjects.  At the same time, we have made sure to select easy questions for the exam so you will not have to feel overwhelmed by the materials right from the start.  Every question has four answers (just like on the real DMV written test!), only one of the answers is correct.  A piece of advice that can save you from making quite a few silly mistakes on the practice test and, eventually, the real permit test too - do not rush through the test! In fact, try not to think about time at all while you're working on the test and be sure to go through all of the provided options before picking the right answer, even if the first choice you see looks like the right one! Some of the Idaho drivers test questions may have two or more answers that seem similar at first and you have to really into them to find the best answer to the question. If you storm through the test, you are likely to miss all these intricate details and so you will make mistakes that can easily be avoided!

If you encounter a question you don't know the answer to, do not simply click on a random choice just to be done with it - there is absolutely no learning value in that!  Your 2015 Idaho drivers license practice test contains integrated study aids, try to use them and decipher the correct answer to the question.  You have a choice between having more information about the question displayed (click on the "HINT" button for that) or having two incorrect answers stricken from the screen (the 50/50 button is responsible for this choice).  Once you exhaust these options, try and pick the best answer.  You will know whether you have answered the question correctly right away - the drivers practice test is graded on the fly and you are alerted to any mistakes you make the moment they take place!  Whenever you answer one of these Idaho permit test questions incorrectly, the system highlights your answer in red, displays the correct answer and provides you with a detailed explanation of the driving rule covered by that question.  These explanations are based on the 2015 Idaho drivers test study guide, the same book the real knowledge test is based on, and they really help to anchor these answers in so you memorize them faster and remember them longer!  Don't try to save time by skipping these explanations - you are likely to reach the opposite result and spend more time on retaking the practice test over and over again!

Continue working on this free Idaho drivers license practice test 2015 until you are able to answer no less than 18 questions correctly each and every time, without having to use any study aids or peek for answers in the drivers handbook, then move on to the next practice test in the line up!  If you are of the overachieving type, go for the perfect score!  Good luck!