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Idaho DMV Practice Test (ID) 2015

Don't want to be stuck in the local drivers ed class?  You don't have to, we've got a fun alternative for you right here!  Prepare for the written knowledge test with the help of this free Idaho DMV practice test 2015, a sample exam with real-life permit test questions and answers!  Awesome questions, great images, immediate grading and constant feedback throughout the entire test - there is no better way to prepare for the DMV challenge!  Oh, and the exam takes only 5 minutes to be completed! You spend more time eating a sandwich!  Give yourself a chance to pass the DMV permit test the first time you take it, do this practice test right now!

We don't believe you can be overly prepared for your DMV written test - you are either prepared or you're not and if you are anything like 90% of first-time Idaho drivers license applicants, you are still quite a few steps away from passing the exam.  Free DMV practice tests is one of the proven ways to prepare for the knowledge test, but they must be used the right way in order for them to work.  Taking a single practice test is not enough - you must, absolutely must cover as many DMV Idaho test questions as you can lay your hands on! Today, we are proud to present you with an all-new DMV permit practice test, with 20 fresh questions for the 2015 knowledge exam!  Start working on them right now and don't stop until you are able to answer at least 18 of these sample questions correctly!

Those who have already had a chance to play with other sample quizzes on the website won't need much help with the test interface, it's self-explanatory and we believe anyone can find his way around the exam! 20 multiple choice questions, with four answers provided for every question and only one of them being correct - it doesn't get simpler than that!  Just like any other Idaho DMV practice test on the website, the exam is graded on the fly and you are aware of your current progress at all times.  We believe in the power of instant feedback - you do learn much faster if your mistakes are highlighted the moment they take place, and this is exactly what this DMV practice test will do!  Whenever you answer a question incorrectly (a bummer, we know, but mistakes will happen), the practice test will be paused and the correct answer will be shown to you, along with a detailed explanation for that answer.  These explanations come straight from the official driving test study guide, the very same book the DMV uses to chart up real permit test questions, and you should not try to save time by skipping them.  These short clarifications for sample questions are a real life-saver, they help you stay focused throughout the test (you don't have to put the test on pause and go looking for test answers in the drivers manual) and they can really anchor that answer deep into you mind, so you will memorize it faster and remember it longer.  Whatever you do, don't skip these explanations, especially if this is your first time taking this 2015 Idaho DMV practice test!

By the way, if you have not real the Idaho drivers test study guide yet, we suggest that you do so as soon as you finish the exam.  The book is one of the most overlooked permit test study resources out there - it contains all of the driving rules you need to know for the knowledge test, yet so many students choose to ignore it! Yes, the book is a little outdated; yes, the book is quite extensive; yes, the book is far from being named the most exciting book of 2015 - but the entire DMV written test is based on the book and it contains all answer to the 2015 Idaho drivers license test!  Maximize your chances of passing the exam, make sure to download and read the handbook before you start working on your DMV practice tests!