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Arizona Practice Permit Test (AZ) 2015

Having trouble getting started on your Arizona permit test?  We know the feeling!  Taking the first step is the hardest thing, but once you get the ball rolling, it all goes much easier! Let us make it easy on you, have a taste of the state driving rules with this free Arizona practice permit test (AZ) 2015!  Twenty easy AZ permit test questions on signs and rules that commonly appear on the 2015 written test!  Start this thing you've been putting off today and get in shape for your MVD permit test!

You don't need much time to prepare for your written test.  We know that not having sufficient time is one of the most common excuses for students who choose to ignore all of the free permit test study tools they have at their disposable, go into the DMV office and attempt to wing the test.  Do we need to tell you how this usually ends?  Let's just say that half of ALL learners permit applicants fail the DMV test the first time they take it, and this includes a certain number of people who did take some time to study, but still ended up failing for different reasons.

The truth is simple - studying MVD test questions doesn't take much time and this free AZ practice permit test is the embodiment of that truth.  Completing the practice quiz once takes just under five minutes, you spend more time brushing your teeth in the morning (well, maybe you don't, but you certainly should!).  Five minutes, this is all it takes to answer 20 multiple choice questions on Arizona road sings and traffic rules, which means you don't need to schedule any study sessions and you can take the exam whenever you have a moment to spare.  Riding a bus to school?  Sign into the website and take this Arizona practice permit test!  Eating lunch?  Sign into the website and take the practice test!  Waiting for your bodies to go out? Yes, sign into the website and take the practice quiz!  You don't have to spend hours at once working on the exam, but these short 5 minute sessions will add up to an awesome result if you are persistent!  And no, we don't want you to keep on retaking this exam until the end of time, we've got plenty of other AZ practice permit tests waiting for you, exams with hundreds of different questions to keep you occupied!

There is one thing we advise you to go before you start working on the DMV practice permit test, though, and that is to quickly go over the official 2015 Arizona permit book.  The handbook is one of the most overlooked permit test study guides available in AZ, and it comes completely free of charge!  You don't have to read the entire handbook and memorize it by heart, but do yourself a favor, download a pdf file with the handbook to your computer and keep it there for reference!  Whenever you encounter an interesting permit test question you cannot answer, just pull out the manual and look for the answer there!  The reason why the permit study guide works so well with our Arizona practice permit test is because both the real exam and this sample quiz are based exclusively on the information you can find in the manual!  The DMV makes it crystal clear that all AZ permit test questions and answers are based on the manual, why would you even think about ignoring this message?

If you don't know how much time you should spend on this permit practice test before you move on to the next exam, look to your final score, it serves as a great indicator of your current progress.  Your goal is to answer no less than 90% question on the sample DMV written test without having to use the book or any study aids.  Once you reach this goal, move on to the next exam, all of our Arizona practice permit tests have been arranged in the order of rising difficulty and you would do well to follow that order.   Couldn't answer 18 questions correctly the first time?  Don't stress over it!  Simply repeat the quiz again and watch your grades rise in front of your eyes!  The exam offers unlimited free retests, so you have all the time in the world to get where you're going.

Good luck at the DMV and don't forget to share this online Arizona practice permit test (AZ) 2015 with friends on Facebook and Twitter!