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North Carolina Practice Permit Test (NC) 2015

Welcome to your first North Carolina practice permit test (NC) 2015, the first step towards obtaining that learners permit you always wanted!  We know, the first step is the hardest of all, yet it is also the most important one!  You have already made a decision to invest time and effort into preparing for the North Carolina permit test and we are here to make the experience as speedy and exciting as it is humanly possible!  Go ahead, dive right in and start knocking those free NC permit test questions out!

This online North Carolina DMV practice test consists of twenty multiple choice questions that cover a great scope of driving laws and road signs.  Every test question presents you with four possible answers, only one of the answers is correct, so don't try and choose multiple options.  Yes, we know, sometimes it does seem as if more than one answer fits the plot.  This is caused by the wording used by the DMV, just make sure to read such questions carefully once or twice and pick the answer that fits best.  Don't worry if you happen to miss a question or two  - we will immediately alert you to the error and display the right answer alongside the one you have chosen, we believe that this kind of immediate feedback provides for the best learning experience and helps you memorize the rules much quicker.  But wait, it gets even better than this. Whenever you miss a permit test question on this DMV quiz, not only will we display the right answer, but we will go ahead and provide a detailed explanation for the rules being discussed by that particular question.  Resist the urge to skip these explanations and fly through the practice test as quickly as possible, it won't do you much good and you will end up wasting even more of your time.  Reading these explanations as you go through the exam saves your hours on researching the info with the help of the North Carolina DMV handbook (by the way, if you happen to be reading the booklet right now, make sure it's the 2015 drivers manual and not one of the books released in previous years). Once you go through all of the questions on this free NC practice permit test, you will see your overall score, you will have a chance to review all of the permit test questions you have missed and you can either repeat the practice quiz once again or move on to the next exam. 

How do you know whether you should repeat this DMV practice permit test once more?   Easy, just check your grades!  If you score over 90% on the exam without using any study aids, without googling the answers or using the North Carolina permit test study guide - you are good to move on to the next practice quiz.  Didn't score quite as high?  No stress!  Just repeat the practice test once again, it only takes five minutes to complete, and you will see that your grade improve!  Keep repeating the test until you reach the desired grade, take a break and hit the next DMV quiz we have prepared for you! (Yes, we did prepare quite a collection of DMV practice tests, permit test cheat sheets and DMV exam simulators for you!)

Looking for more ways to NC road signs and road rules and prepare for the DMV exam?  Nothing could be easier! Just grab yourself a copy of the North Carolina permit test study guide 2015!  Yes, that's the book that is commonly known as the drivers manual or the drivers handbook.  The book compliments this free New Jersey practice permit nicely and covers absolutely everything you need to know to make sure that you pass the permit test the first time you take it.  Seriously, there is not a question on the real DMV permit test you won't find the answer to in that guide, this is why it amazes us how so many people ignore these great free permit test study materials and end up purchasing expensive driver's education classes for hundreds of dollars.  Don't make the same mistake, grab it while it's free!

We KNOW you will enjoy this free North Carolina practice permit test (NC) 2015, but don't hesitate to voice your suggestions in the comment box above, we always look for new ways to improve your learning experience!  Good luck at the DMV!