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New York Permit Test Simulator 2015

Do you know what scares people the most? No, not more Justin Bieber comments appearing under each and every YouTube video, although it is quite painful to watch.  What scares people the most is uncertainly and lack of knowledge of what's about to transpire.  This is so many first time drivers license applicants find the whole NY permit test experience so stressful - many of them go into the DMV office without ever opening the drivers manual, without taking a single New York practice permit test, without knowing what to expect and how the test is going to be conducted.  Fortunately, you can avoid all that fear and anxiety and we have prepared just the thing for you - a free New York permit test (NY) Simulator 2015, a practice permit test structured after the real exam that allows you to experience the DMV quiz without the stress of having to actually visit the office!