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Missouri Permit Test (MO) Simulator 2015

Not sure if you're ready to hit your local Department of Revenue office and take the drivers permit test?  Gauge your current skill with this self-assessment tool, our free Missouri permit test (MO) Simulator 2015!  A permit practice tests designed in the likeness of the real exam: same format, an identical grading system and over 500 sample permit test questions and answers to keep things interesting! Buckle down, make sure you won't be distracted for the next 10 minutes and hit it!

We know you are stressed over the upcoming Missouri permit test and we are here to take away at least some (if not all) of that anxiety!  You are looking at one of the greatest self-assessment tools that will allow you to tell with a very high degree of confidence whether you have a chance of passing the drivers permit test and highlight any problematic areas for you so you can precision-bomb those driving rules!  Here is how to find out whether you are ready to visit the DOR and take the real permit test.

Put aside whatever study materials you are currently using, including the permit test book you might have downloaded from the DOR website.  Sign into the Missouri permit test online Simulator and start going through sample questions just like you would with a regular permit practice test.  You will notice that, unlike regular sample quizzes, the Simulator does not offer you access to any study aids or cheats during the exam, you are expected to rely only on what you have learned so far.  You don't need to rush through the exam, free permit test Simulator is not timed, but try to complete the quiz within 20-25 minutes.  Once you answer all of your questions, note the overall score.  The real DOR written test requires you to answer no less than 20 questions correctly (it's 25 questions total, if you don't know how many questions are on the permit test in Missouri), but we suggest that you aim somewhat higher on the practice quiz, 23 correct answers on the exam is what we usually recommend.  Those who are able to get this score of 90% on the first attempt - kudos, you've done a marvelous job!  Take the test once again, just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and if you happen to score just as well the second time around, you should definitely consider taking the real permit test as soon as possible! 

Those who answered less than 23 questions on this 2015 Missouri permit test Simulator correctly - don't stress over it too much, the only thing this means is that you need a little bit more practice.  If your grade falls between 80% and 90% - simply continue working on the permit test Simulator until you reach the target score.  Scored under 80%?  Try to start the regular Missouri permit practice test and work your way back up to the Simulator.  All sample exams were arranged in the order of rising difficulty and you will be fully prepared for the challenge by the time you get back to the Missouri drivers permit test Simulator!

Questions on the permit test in Missouri cover a broad range of the state driving rules, traffic regulations and road signs.  Our Simulator matches that with the knowledge base of over 500 questions that cover virtually every driving rule that may come up on your knowledge exam.   Every time you begin the quiz, the Simulator accesses this pool of Missouri driving written test questions, randomly selects 25 of them and build a unique sample exam for you to play with!  This creates a wealth of opportunity and really leaves no stone unturned, provided you have enough time before your appointment!

Enjoy this free online Missouri permit test (MO) Simulator and don't hesitate to comment if you believe that the exam is missing something!  Good luck at the DOR!