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Massachusetts Practice Permit Test (MA) 2015

Studying for the MA permit test has to be neither hard, nor boring, and our free Massachusetts practice permit test (MA) 2015 is here to prove that!  The practice quiz contains 20 essential questions that will allow you to ease into the world of driving without feeling overwhelmed and discouraged!  It doesn't matter what educational stage you're currently at - the sample knowledge test suits prospective drivers of all ages and skills and serves as a great introduction to the world of driving!  Go ahead, start preparing now!

The MA practice permit test you have in front of you contains 20 questions on Massachusetts road signs and traffic rules.  All questions on the quiz are multiple choice, with three or four answers.  Only one of the answers is correct, even though some of the questions do make it seem as if more than one answer fits.  Always go for the answer that provides the most thorough and detailed explanation to the question, this is exactly what the RMV is looking for.  Besides, the exam won't allow you to select more than one answer, the first one you click upon will be marked as your choice and you will not be able to change it later on. 

Here is a quick tip that may mean the difference between passing and failing your Massachusetts permit test - never rush with choosing the first answer you see on the screen, even if it seems to be correct.  Always read through all of the provided options, even if you believe that you have already located your answer.  Quite a few of the RMV written test questions have answers that are similar at first glance, yet only one of them is correct.  The RMV is not trying to trick you with these questions, they are just trying to make sure that your knowledge of driving rules goes beyond the basics and you are being attentive during the exam (yes, staying attentive and focused IS an important skill you need to be a safe driver, it is no wonder you are being tested on it now). Our free practice permit test for MA replicates the same approach, get into the good habit of reading all of the provided answers from the start and never make this mistake at the RMV!

This online RMV practice permit test is graded on the fly and you see whether you have answered a question correctly as soon as you pick one of the provided options.  This kind of immediate feedback is an important part of the learning process - permit practice tests that have you complete the entire exam before displaying the results can't even get on the same comparison scale with exams that offer immediate response.  Seeing your mistakes immediately after committing them and, what's even more important, being shown the right way to do things, provides for immense learning value and allows you to memorize the rules much, much faster.  Having to spend less time on the Massachusetts practice permit test means you tire less, you are more attentive and so you learn even better!  The positive effects of instant feedback start snowballing and you end up saving yourself a great deal of time, the time you can now spend on doing what you really love!

Once you are done with all of the permit test questions and answers on the 2015 practice permit test for MA, you will see your overall score and receive yet another chance to review any of the questions you have happened to miss.  Don't rush with retaking the exam right away and consider consulting the Massachusetts permit book if you see that you've missed more questions that you would have liked.  The manual is really the ultimate guide to the written knowledge exam and you can find answers to any of these sample questions in the book.  The same thing is true about the real permit test, it is based exclusively on the information in the manual and nothing else.  When you supplement this practice permit test with the book - ah, that's when the magic happens!

Enjoy this free Massachusetts practice permit test (MA) 2015 and don't hesitate to comment if you believe that you know how to improve it!  Don't forget to share the exam with friends who may be taking the written test soon!