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Kentucky Practice Permit Test (KY) 2015

I don't have time - the number one reason why people don't study for the Kentucky permit test. We are here to tell you that it's not a valid excuse anymore!  Our free Kentucky practice permit test (KY) 2015 takes only 5 minutes to complete!  Five minutes - it takes you more time to drink a cup of coffee!  Drop everything else you are doing and take the first step towards your learners permit - complete this free practice quiz right now! It's fun, it's fast and it's completely, 100%, totally FREE!

This KY practice permit test consists of 20 multiple choice questions on road signs and traffic rules.  Sharing the road with pedestrians and large trucks, seat belt laws, drug and alcohol awareness, pavement markings and traffic signals - it's all there.  The practice test is graded as you go through the exam and you do not have to finish the entire quiz to find out what questions you have missed, we believe practice tests of that kind have limited value to someone who actually wants to learn quickly.  Whenever you make a mistake on the quiz, we will alert you to the fact right there and then and show you a way to correct it!  The practice permit test will display the correct answer next to the one you have chosen and provide a detailed explanation for that answer so you don't have to search for the corresponding rules in the driving manual!  Now, we know you are trying to get through the exam as quickly as possible and some of you may be tempted to skip reading these explanation.  Try and fight this temptation as much as possible, bolting through the exam won't save you time, quite the contrary.  The reason why we have chosen to include these explanations for all of our questions is because they help you memorize the answer to the question faster, reading additional information about the rule after answering the question incorrectly helps your brain to create additional connections and associations, ensuring that the answer sticks.  Bypassing these explanation means that you will have to repeat the quiz more time to achieve the same effect, wasting more time in the end!

Once you are done with all 20 sample questions, our 2015 Kentucky practice permit test will display your overall grade and provide you with yet another chance to review any of the questions you have missed.  Keep in mind that this is a PRACTICE test, it is a learning tool and mistakes are part of the normal learning process, there is no such thing as good grades or bad grades, they are a mere indicator of your current progress that provide guidance and help you determine the next step.  A grade of 90% or higher (that's at least 18 correct answers, without having to use any study aids) means you are doing extremely well and you are good to go on to the next free practice exam.  If you didn't reach this bar yet - don't worry, you will get there very quickly, watch your grades improve every time you take the exam!

Lack of time to prepare for the drivers permit test is one of the most common complaints (or excuses, depending on which way you want to look at it) from students with busy schedules.  This free practice permit test for KY takes care of that problem! If you were wondering why our practice quiz has only 20 questions while the real exam has 40 - this is your answer: we want you to be able to study traffic rules without having to set aside time for long boring study sessions! A sample practice test like this can be completed in under 5 minutes, anyone can do this!  Take the practice test on the way to school, during your lunch break or even as you are standing in the DMV line - practice whenever you have 5 minutes to spare and the learners permit is as good as yours!

Those looking for some extra study materials should turn their heads towards the official driver's manual.  Far from being the most exciting book in the world, it is still one of the best free permit test study guides and there is a good reason why it is frequently referred to as the Kentucky permit test book - the entire drivers license test is based on the information you can find in the manual!  When you combine reading the manual with taking our free Kentucky permit practice tests - this is where the magic happens, you end up with a permit test study tool you simply cannot beat!  And the greatest news of all - it's absolutely free!

Enjoy this free Kentucky practice permit test (KY) 2015 and don't forget to comment if you believe we have left something out of the quiz!