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Iowa Drivers Permit Practice Test (IA) 2015

Don't let procrastination hold you back, start studying for the Iowa drivers permit test right now!  It's fun, it's convenient and it's extremely expeditious - completing this free Iowa drivers permit practice test 2015 takes less than five minutes!  Don't set it aside till later, do not bookmark the page, do not e-mail yourself a link to this page in the hopes of coming back here tomorrow or the day after - go ahead and take the practice test right now, break the procrastination streak with these 20 Iowa drivers license test questions!

Thinking of trying to wing your Iowa learners permit test?  You better think twice before you attempt it!  According to the DOT, more than a half of students who take the drivers permit test for the first time fail the exam.   This includes those who actually take the time to prepare, so you can only imagine what failure rates among those who don't study really are.  One thing is for sure - you don't want to chance going into the DMV without covering all the bases first, so stop making up excuses for not studying!  Lack of time, too much stuff to learn, permit test questions being "common knowledge" - we've heard them all before.  Let our free Iowa drivers permit practice test help you break through all of them and learn everything you need to pass your permit test the first time you take it!

This Iowa drivers practice test consists of 20 sample questions that cover a broad range of traffic rules and road signs.  Sharing the road with other drivers, defensive driving techniques, passing bicyclists and following traffic signals - you can rest assured that we've got drivers license test questions to prepare you for anything the DMV can throw at you! All questions are multiple choice, with three or four answers provided for every question.  Here is a piece of advice that can save you a lot of headache on your real drivers permit test - do not rush through the exam!  Seriously, try to get into the habit of taking your time to work through each and every question and consider all of the provided choices before you make your selection.  The real Iowa drivers license test contains quite a few questions with answers that may similar or identical at first, rushing through the test and choosing the first option that just seems right, without taking time to consider other choices, will cause a large number of silly mistakes that can easily be avoided.  Start practicing this technique right now, as you're working on this free drivers permit practice test for Iowa, the quiz is not timed and you can as much time as you need to decide upon the best answer.   The practice test will immediately alert you to any mistake you make - whenever you pick a wrong answer, the sample quiz pauses the exam, highlights your answer in red and displays the correct answer so you can learn without leaving this page!  Wait, that's not all, it gets even better!  The practice permit test will display a detailed explanation for the traffic rule in question whenever you make a mistake!  These explanations are based on the official 2015 Iowa drivers permit study guide, the book published and distributed by the DOT themselves, the very same book the real learners permit test is based upon!  This is a huge time saver - instead of having to do research, you can concentrate on what really matters - learning these 20 Iowa permit test questions and answers!

Once you're done with the entire practice test, the system will provide you with a chance to review the questions you have missed once again and display your overall grade.  This grade serves as a good indicator of your current progress and can help you determine your next steps.  We suggest that you continue working on these Iowa driver's test practice questions until you are able to answer no less than 18 questions correctly every time, without having to use any study aids or search for answers in the drivers manual.  Those who want to play it safe can shoot for the perfect score and move on to the next practice test once they are confident that they understand all of the driving rules listed in this quiz.

If you need help with any of the questions from this free Iowa drivers permit practice test 2015, don't hesitate to give us a buzz and we'll happily help you out!  Good luck at the DMV office!