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Georgia DDS Practice Test (GA) 2015

Those who never held a Georgia driving license and would like to start driving some time in the future will have to undergo a series of tests before they can hit the road and taking a Georgia permit test at the DDS is the first step of the process. The 2015 DDS GA practice test is a great way for you to get prepared for the exam. You may be able to find a Georgia DMV practice test 2015 on the Department of Driver Services website or at one of many private websites that either offer a free GA DDS practice test or may charge you a small fee for accessing these study materials. Georgia permit practice test produces the best results if you read the official DDS drivers handbook before you start taking the tests.

Why Take A DDS GA Practice Test

If you are on this page and are currently reading this, you have probably already answered this question for yourself. Everyone who chooses to apply for a Georgia drivers license has to take a Georgia learners permit test, the test that covers the state driving rules, traffic regulations, road signs and pavement markings. The DDS permit test also includes questions on defensive driving techniques and general safe driving practices.

Georgia DMV practice test can be useful in a number of ways. First of all, taking a Georgia driving practice test can help you get accustomed to the wording used by the DDS. You may know the rules well and still fail if you are unable to comprehend DDS test questions. Georgia permit practice tests allow you to learn this wording and teach you how to get straight to the point of the question.

Another good thing that comes from taking a Georgia DDS practice test is that practice tests show you which driving rules you may have missed or misunderstood while preparing for the exam. Once you take a DMV practice test and the exam is graded, you can identify the questions you have missed and revisit these topics.

One of the biggest mistakes made by young Georgia DDS permit applicants is that they try to learn the driving rules just by taking a Georgia practice test, without reading any books or going through additional educational programs. In most cases, such students fail as practice tests were never meant to be a stand-alone study resource, it's more of a study aid and should be used only when you already have sound knowledge of the rules.

Compliment Georgia DDS Practice Tests With...

It's a very good idea to start preparing for the permit test by reading the official Georgia DDS handbook. The book is published by the DDS and it covers the state licensing procedure and driving rules. Your permit test is based on the information in this manual so theoretically, you can get by just by reading the manual and taking a Georgia permit practice test.

Here is a tactic we found to be working for us. Mind you, this is not a quick option and it will actually take you some time to prepare for the drivers permit exam if you go down this road, but it will definitely help you memorize those rules better.

Start by reading the handbook, the whole thing. Don't try to memorize everything right away, but don't skip anything either. Once done with the drivers manual, take a few Georgia practice DDS tests. Record your scores and write out those DDS permit sample questions you've missed. Now pick up that book again and revisit those chapters that have answers to the questions you've missed. Once done, take another practice permit test. Keep doing this until you will be getting a score of 90-100%. This score is a little higher than the one you need for passing your real DDS permit test, but you want to make sure that you can do better than a minimum passing grade.

If you find that the book doesn't do it for you, you may also sign up for a Georgia drivers education class. Most of the drivers education courses include at least one free Georgia DDS practice test, many of them will offer you more than one, so you will not have to search for any alternatives. Completion of a state-approved drivers education program can also make you eligible for a car insurance discount, something you should not dismiss.

If your drivers education course does not include free practice tests, don't worry, there is more than one DDS GA practice test available on the web, many of them are free so you won't have to pay a dime. Just make sure that you are taking a state-specific DMV practice test, as they are usually much more helpful than regular generic practice tests.

Sample DDS Practice Test Questions

There are many ways to learn driving rules and road signs: some people sit down and cram while others are trying to understand the rules and analyze them. In our opinion, understanding driving rules always beats memorizing them word to word and it usually improves your chances of passing the real Georgia DDS permit test. Most of the DDS permit test questions will have 2-3 answers you can eliminate by simply reasoning through the question, so you can deduce the correct answer even if you thought you could not answer this question when you read it the first time. Analyzing Georgia DDS test questions is an important skill you should learn and to help you along, we covered a few DDS questions ourselves, just to get you started.

  1. DDS Practice Test Question 50 - Road Signs
  2. DDS Practice Permit Test Question 118 - Parking Uphill

Once done with these sample practice test questions, make sure to take the complete DDS GA practice test as well!

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