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Connecticut Road Signs Practice Permit Test (CT) 2015

Don't go to your local DMV office until you complete this free Connecticut road signs practice permit test (CT) 2015 at least once!  This practice test is THE thing, when it comes to traffic signs, the ultimate self-assessment tool with over 100 sample questions that cover virtually everything you need to know about the signs!  Identifying road signs by shape, grouping traffic signs based on their color, learning individual road signs - it's all right here, inside this free permit practice test! And what's even better - it takes just a few minutes to complete!  Start working on the practice quiz right now!

You may have already noticed that this road signs practice permit test is missing all of the usual study aids that are integrated into our other practice exams.  This sample quiz was primarily designed as a self-assessment tool and as such, it does not warrant any assistance from our side.  For the same reason, you should refrain from using any study sheets or print outs while going through the exam, otherwise your results become pretty much useless.  If you are looking for tools to actually learn the signs, please switch to using one of the regular CT road signs practice tests.

This free Connecticut road signs practice permit test presents you with 20 sample questions on road signs every time you take the exam.  All questions are multiple choice, with three or four options provided for every question.  Most of the questions are supplemented with great images of road signs, but don't get discouraged when you encounter a question that does not have an associated image - you must learn to recognize signs from their textual description too!   Just like any other exam on the website, this 2015 CT practice permit test is graded on the fly as you go through the quiz - we believe in the power of immediate feedback and know that you learn much faster when you are constantly being steered in the right direction.  This practice test does just that - whenever you happen to misidentify one of the road signs, the exam will alert you to the fact instantaneously and will always display the right answer so you can learn on the spot (having said this, we wanted to remind you that regular practice permit tests provide you with more learning value).   Once you go through all 20 questions of the quiz, you will be awarded your final grade and you can use that grade to determine whether you should study the signs a bit more or if it's time for you to move on and concentrate on traffic rules.  Consider completing the practice permit test at least twice and use the average score to make any decisions about your next steps.  We believe that your target grade should be no less than 90% every time you take the exam, but you are free to choose a benchmark that suits you best!

If you are having troubles getting your grade over the 80% bar, we recommend that you downgrade to using regular road signs practice permit tests and supplement them with printable study sheets.  Sadly, the official Connecticut permit book doesn't have any good road sign study sheets (the book is still in black and white, in the 21st century), but you can find pretty decent study sheets online.  Simply download a PDF file with study sheets to your computer, print them out and post them next to the screen.  Don't take them down until you actually pass your learners permit test, this kind of constant visual reminder will help you memorize the signs faster and remember them for as long as needed!

Here is the fun part - DMV sample questions on this CT road signs practice test will change every time you take the exam!  Whenever you access the test, the system chooses 20 random questions from our large pool of sample questions on Connecticut road signs and builds a custom quiz for you to take!  The process is repeated every time you retake the exam or refresh the page, it's just like having hundreds of unique sample exams at your disposal!  Make sure you utilize this ability to the max and go over the exam at least couple of times!

Got a traffic signs to suggest for this free Connecticut road sign practice permit test (CT) 2015?  Just post it into the comments above, we'll research it and include it into the next test update!