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Colorado Drivers Permit Practice Test (CO) 2015

Don't let procrastination get the best of you, dive right into the midst of Colorado driving rules with the help of this simple practice permit test!  We know how overwhelming studying for the permit test may seem, but it gets much easier once you break it into smaller steps!  This is what our free Colorado drivers permit practice test 2015 is all about - helping you prepare for the knowledge exam with short, manageable study sessions!  Doing a little is certainly better than doing nothing at all, so go ahead and complete these 20 permit test questions right now!  You only need five minutes to do the drivers permit quiz once!

If you are thinking of doing an all-nighter before your permit test appointment or simply winging the exam, we strongly suggest that you reconsider and start studying as early as possible (two weeks is the recommended minimum for those who are taking the drivers permit test for the first time).  Statistics is an unbeatable argument and there is no better advocate for studying that the official DMV permit test failure rates.  According to these stats, more than 50% of drivers license applicants who visit their local DMV office for the first time fail the written permit test!  This is huge, since it clearly shows that you are virtually guaranteed to fail if you don't treat the exam with due seriousness and don't take active steps to prepare for it!  The good news is that you've got all necessary tools to prepare for the test right here in front of you and this free Colorado drivers practice test is just one of the great study aids we have designed to help you beat the DMV at their own game!

We know that time is your most valuable resource and you don't have much of it as it is, so spending hours in front of the computer is not really an option for you.  This 2015 Colorado drivers license practice test was designed to fit your busy schedule and you don't have to schedule separate study sessions to prepare for the DMV exam!  Completing this driving practice test takes less than five minutes, so you can take it with you anywhere you go!  Catching a ride to school in the morning?  Log into the website and do the practice test!  Having a quiet lunch alone?   Log into the website and do the practice test!  Sitting on the couch, waiting for a TV commercial to end?  Grab your iPhone (we know you never let it out of your sight anyway) and do the drivers practice test! These may seem like small insignificant steps, but they add up to an amazing result if you persist!  The important thing is to start early and you will not have to cram the night before your drivers license test!

This free Colorado drivers permit practice test is structured similarly to other regular sample exams on the website and is built around 20 multiple choice questions that cover the full range of driving rules and road signs.   Every question provides you with four answers, only one of the answers is correct.  This is an important part, as some of the questions may make it seem as if more than one answer fits.  Take your time to work through all of the provided options and decide which one provides the most thorough and complete answer to the question.  Whenever in doubt, use integrated study aids, they can help you decipher the right answer and avoid having to choose a random option (a completely useless experience, in our opinion).   Integrated study aids come in two forms: hints, small snippets of additional information about the questions; and the 50/50 button, the option that immediately removes two incorrect answers from the screen.  Hints should always be your first choice, as they provide for better study experience, you should resolve to the 50/50 option only when the drivers permit practice test leaves you no other choice.

This online Colorado driving practice test is graded while you go through the test and you don't have to answer all twenty sample questions just to find out which ones you have missed.  Whenever you make a mistake, the practice permit test will notify you of the error and show you the right answer so you can learn in right away.  The exam will also furnish a detailed explanation for the driving rule covered by that question, just to help the answer stick.  These explanations are based on the official DMV permit test study guide, the same book the real permit test is based upon, do don't even think of skimping on them!

Good luck on the real permit test and don't forget to check out other sample knowledge exams on the website, this free Colorado drivers permit practice test 2015 is just one of many study aids we have prepared for you!