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Alabama Road Signs Permit Practice Test (AL) 2015

Over 100 sample questions on Alabama road signs for the 2015 drivers permit test, organized into convenient 20-question exams, immediate grading and useful explanations for any question you happen to miss - this is what our free Alabama road signs permit practice test 2015 is all about!  Leverage our years of experience to train yourself into a driving guru right now and don't quit working on this road signs drivers permit pretest until you can answer at least 18 our of 20 questions correctly each and every time you do the quiz!

The Alabama permit practice test you have in front of you is all about self-assessment, gauging your current skills and determining your level of preparation for the real exam.  We will not provide you with any study aids, won't help you choose the right answer by displaying hints or hiding incorrect options on the screen - it's all up to you now.   You have been working on your road signs study sheets, your regular practice permit tests, now is the time to put all that to the test!  The road signs permit practice test contains over 100 sample questions on Alabama traffic signs, these questions are split into convenient 20-question exams and are presented to you one by one.  Questions for your practice test will be chosen randomly each and every time, so you can be sure that there are no "easy" or "hard" permit test papers - they are all balanced, they are all of equal difficulty.  The drivers permit practice test will be graded as you go through the quiz and you will always know whether you have answered the question correctly as soon as you indicate your choice.  While this Alabama drivers permit pretest is not timed, it should not take you more than 4-5 minutes to complete the entire quiz.  If you find yourself struggling with these questions, consider downgrading to one of the regular road signs practice tests and boost up your library of traffic signs before you return to this self-assessment tool.

The overall score for this permit practice test serves as an indicator of your current skill and helps you decide whether more time needs to be invested into studying the signs or if you can dedicate whatever time's left before your permit test appointment to studying other traffic rules.  While you are certainly your own boss and you can choose whatever approach you deem reasonable, we recommend that you adhere to the following guidelines while working on the exam.

Your target grade is 90% or higher, this requires you to answer no less than 18 sample questions correctly.  Being able to hit this bar consistently shows that you are quite adept in the area of traffic signs and you should not have any troubles with the subject during the real DMV exam.  You may continue working on this free Alabama road signs permit practice test if you wish to achieve the perfect score, but if you are strapped for time, you should concentrate on the rules now.

A grade that falls between 80% and 90% demonstrates that you are no longer a novice, yet there is still an opportunity for improvement.  Continue working on this practice quiz to boost your grades even further.

If you can't score 80% on the exam - don't stress, we will be able to beat you into shape very quickly!  For now, you should switch to regular Alabama road signs practice tests, start with the first one and work your way back up to this self-assessment quiz.  Consider using additional road signs study sheets, there are plenty of free and paid options available out there.  The official Alabama drivers permit study guide is the first place to look, it's got a great section on traffic signs and all of the pages in that pdf file are printable, so it's extremely easy to make study sheets out of them!  The book can be download free of charge off the DMV website.

Good luck at the DMV and don't hesitate to give us a buzz in the comments if you believe that this free Alabama road signs permit practice test 2015 is missing something important!